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International Trance medium Mark Falconer Atlee and his Guide James have been working together in the field of Trance Communication for over 25 years.

The purpose of the Trance session is to gain clarity and insight into your soul themes, your goals and the reason why you are on earth.

James will provide insight into your soul themes, the recurring patterns in your life and the difficulties you encounter on your life path. He will lead you to a new level of understanding of healing, empowerment, focus and tranquility in your life.

James works with you to unlock your true potential so that you can find what you seek and desire . James connects you with your soul, your Guides, your subconscious and your consciousness to give you a full and deep understanding of your potential and to be able to connect with it on every level.

James will find the limiting factors that keep you from achieving your goals and dreams. He will lead you to a happier and more fulfilling life where the past is just a memory and not a limiting factor in your life. Expressing your unique Self, your unlimited power, that will become your new purpose in life and your fears and insecurities will be a thing of the past. You will have a life changing experience as James works with the essence of your Soul and the Soul Group you are a part of. The Trance Session with James brings a huge positive change in your life.

One of the exciting parts of this session is that you get to ask all the questions you're looking for a solution to. Questions about your life, health, well-being, relationships, work, or problems; James will answer those questions for you. You will experience that the session is very relaxing and you will feel the pure, unconditional love from the Spirit world. During this wonderful experience, you will feel the compassion for you and your life situation. James empathy, understanding and his deeper knowledge of life will help you free yourself from your limiting beliefs and programming so you can build a new, challenging life.

With humour, compassion and direct honesty, James will take you from where you are today to where you wish to be tomorrow.

Medium: Mark Falconer Atlee
Language: Dutch/English
  I spend at least 2 hours on a James session,
all your questions will then be answered.
The session will be recorded on CD.
Prices: Hourly rate â € 80 Private including 21% VAT.
Business self-employed persons excluding 21% VAT.
  Business coaching
(via consultancy, outplacement agencies, companies)
Hourly rate € 130 excl. 21% VAT.
If the appointment is prevented, at least 24 hours notice must be given in order to avoid cost calculation of the agreed time!


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Phone Mark:
06 51537835
@: info@nimis.nl

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Nimis Group and practice room
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