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Introducing Timewaver Frequency Therapy

Discover the Power of Quantum Healing

Timewaver Frequency Therapy is a groundbreaking approach to healing that harnesses the power of Quantum Physics. By testing the subtle information within our physical, emotional, and mental systems, Timewaver can identify diseases, allergies, deficiencies, stress, and more. Through a series of insightful analyses, Timewaver provides profound insights into the factors that influence our health and helps us restore balance.

Using advanced technology, Timewaver communicates with our cells at a bio-physical level, utilizing frequencies to promote healing.
This revolutionary system taps into the information field that connects matter and consciousness, allowing us to address the underlying causes of diseases and strive for optimal health.

Experience the transformative potential of Timewaver Frequency Therapy and embark on a journey towards holistic health and vitality. Discover the power of information field medicine and unlock your body's innate ability to heal and thrive.

Therapist Mark Falconer Atlee or Margreet Blaas
Language Dutch / Engkish
Prices: Intake: 2 hours 160,--
Follow-up consultations: 1,5 hour 127,50
  Business coaching
(via consultancy, outplacement agencies, companies)
Hourly rate € 130 excl. 21% VAT
If the appointment is prevented, at least 24 hours notice must be given in order to avoid cost calculation of the agreed time!


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06 83791850
@: info@nimis.nl

Phone Mark:
06 51537835
@: info@nimis.nl

KVK 32075801

Nimis Group and practice room
TB Huurmanlaan 15
1403 SL Bussum


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