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Trance Medium session

Soulful Transformation through Trance Mediumship

During a Trance mediumship session, a Medium enters an elevated state of consciousness and delivers spiritual messages, healing energies, and wisdom through the spoken word. It offers profound insights and transformative energy to those who receive the messages.

Through trance mediumship, you can establish a deeper connection with your own soul and spiritual guides. It provides guidance, clarity, and healing on your soul's journey, addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. Trance mediumship bypasses the limitations of conscious thinking and grants direct access to deeper layers of consciousness and spiritual energy.

Trance mediumship is not only a means to receive messages and healing but also a spiritual journey of self-discovery and growth. The purpose of a trance medium session is to gain clarity and insight into your soul themes, goals, and the reason for your existence. The members of your Soul Group will provide insight into your soul themes, recurring patterns in your life, and the challenges you encounter on your life path. They will guide you to a new level of understanding in healing, finding your inner strength, and achieving balance in your life.

The trance voice medium works in collaboration with you to unlock your true potential, helping you find what you seek and desire. Trance Medium Mark Falconer Atlee connects you with your soul, your guides, your subconscious, and your consciousness to provide you with a complete and profound understanding of your potential and how to connect with it on every level.

Mark and his guides from the spiritual realm will identify the limiting factors that prevent you from achieving your goals and dreams. They will guide you towards a happier and more fulfilling life, where the past is merely a memory and no longer a limiting factor in your life.

Expressing your unique self and tapping into your unlimited power become your new life purpose, and your fears and insecurities will belong to the past. You will undergo a life-changing experience as Mark and the Soul Group work with the essence of your soul and the Soul Group you are a part of. The trance medium session brings about tremendous positive change in your life.

An exciting aspect of this session is that you can ask any questions for which you seek solutions. Questions about your life, health, well-being, relationships, work, or problems; the trance medium will answer those questions for you.

You will experience the session as deeply relaxing, and you will feel the pure, unconditional love from the spiritual realm. During this beautiful experience, you will feel compassion for yourself and your life situation. The empathy, understanding, and deeper knowledge of life from Mark and his guides will help you free yourself from limiting beliefs and programming, allowing you to build a new, fulfilling life.

With humor, compassion, and direct honesty, Mark will guide you from where you are today to where you wish to be tomorrow.

Medium: Margreet Blaas or Mark Falconer Atlee
Location: Nimis
Duration: Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours
 Price:  € 80 per hour
 Availability: By appointment
 Information:  Contact us or call 06 - 83791850
If the appointment is prevented, at least 24 hours notice must be given in order to avoid cost calculation of the agreed time!


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06 83791850
@: info@nimis.nl

Phone Mark:
06 51537835
@: info@nimis.nl

KVK 32075801

Nimis Group and practice room
TB Huurmanlaan 15
1403 SL Bussum


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