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Nimis Spiritual Healing

Discover the Nimis Spiritual Healing Method

Do you want to learn how to give healings from your Soul Consciousness? Then the Nimis is Spiritual Healing Method for you. Mark shares new meditations, release techniques and healing and reading techniques that show you how to heal yourself and others in a unique and inspiring way way.

The training starts with integrating your human personality with your Soul. By means from meditation, visualization and healing old pain you learn to read and release your soul potential let go of what limits you. The result is a pure connection with your Soul, making you your unique and authentic self experience.

This training is not only for you, but also for those who want to guide others on their journey on the soul path. As a Healer you can inspire others to live consciously, healthily and wisely.

During the training you will learn different healing techniques, because there is not one way to do it to serve humanity. You will learn to understand the unlimited healing power of your Soul and how to use it you can use to heal yourself and others. By being present in your Consciousness, you can create healing miracles.

The training also helps you to connect with your higher self, your Soul, the source of your light. New ones insights increase your potential and abilities and teach you how to use the energies of your mind, body and soul in a healing way. Meditations, visualizations and release
techniques help you to let go and relax your mind so that you can experience the wisdom and healing from your Soul Group.

Let this training lead you to unity in mind, body and soul and discover the healing power that lurks in you.

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06 83791850
@: info@nimis.nl

Phone Mark:
06 51537835
@: info@nimis.nl

KVK 32075801

Nimis Group and practice room
TB Huurmanlaan 15
1403 SL Bussum


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