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The Innate Gift of Mediumship

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This Mediumship module is a soul journey, inviting you to live from a place of inner strength, harmony, and deep connection with your true essence. It is an invitation to explore and cultivate the innate mediumistic abilities within you, allowing them to blossom and deepen. You are born with the gift of intuition and spiritual potential, and this module will guide you in trusting and embracing these gifts, integrating them into your daily life with grace and purpose.

As you embark on this transformative path, you will witness the profound transformation of your life. Your self-perception will shift, and you will witness the blossoming of self-confidence and self-love. You will come to understand that your sensitivity is not a weakness but a wellspring of strength, a divine gift that allows you to connect with the unseen realms.

In each moment, you will learn to connect with the essence of your being, your Spirit, and your Soul, as well as with others and the Spiritual World. Through guided visualizations and practical exercises, carefully crafted to honor the sacredness of this journey, you will expand your consciousness and elevate your awareness to new realms of existence.

This training is not about providing evidence of life after death; it is a sacred dance of communion with the spirits, a sacred exchange of encouragement, hope, comfort, guidance, and profound wisdom. You will learn to be a conduit for the Spirits, transmitting not only their messages but also the depth of emotion and feeling that accompanies them, touching the hearts and souls of those who receive them.

While making a mediumistic connection may seem simple, the true art lies in nurturing, strengthening, and expanding that connection. It requires dedication, practice, and above all, a deep soul connection. Mediumship is a spiritual gift, and as you embark on this journey, we emphasize the importance of embracing your emotions, finding joy and laughter, and infusing every step with love and reverence.

Through the captivating module of Mediumship , you will embark on a profound exploration of your own sensitivity, intuition, and mediumistic abilities. You will learn to listen to the whispers of your intuition, to trust the guidance of your inner knowing, and to communicate with the unseen realms with grace and authenticity. This module will lay the foundation for your mediumistic development, equipping you with techniques to connect with departed loved ones, spirit guides, and wise mentors.

As you walk the path of spiritual and mediumistic unfoldment, you will be reminded of the truth of your being - a radiant soul having a human experience…

Time:11.00 - 17.00 uur
Location:NIMIS Bussum
Trainer:Mark Falconer Atlee
Info:contact us or call: 06 - 83791850
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